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Bring the Future to the Present
with thinkSCM Prescriptive Analytics

What is thinkSCM

thinkSCM is an innovative Prescriptive Analytics platform that utilizes machine learning and artificial intelligence to provide accurate answers to your complex supply chain problems.  In English…. Go from telling everyone it rained, to telling them what umbrella to buy next Tuesday.

Our Vision

thinkSCM will provide next generation decision making abilities with innovative applications, unlocking the cutting edge abilities of the art of machine learning and artificial intelligence technology to enable an unsurpassed level of integration, sophistication and functionality to your supply chain.

Our Mission

Realize value in the most advanced technologies available to allow anyone and everyone access to unimaginable yet accessible analytical capabilities to your real world problems.

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Machine Learning

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Prescriptive Demand

  • Prescriptive Demand

    Get accurate sales forecasts for your business.   Our proprietary Prescriptive Demand Algorithm finds and applies the data this is TRULY driving your sales.  Hint: It’s not just your sales history.   

  • Machine Learning

    See through the matrix.  We use today’s technology to uncover patterns and correlations never before possible with the most advanced machine learning technology available.

  • Powerful Analytics

    Not just information, but actionable information.  Turn data into decisions with easy to use, digestible analytical capabilities of our proprietary platform.

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  • Big Data

    If you can quantify it, we can analyze it.  Promotions, Trade Spend, Advertising, Point of Sale, Weather and Climate,, Social Media, Economic Indicators and many, many, more.

  • Complex Data

    Analyze highly complex data sets and vectors with technology never before possible.  Apply multiple variables to interpret correlations hidden from other forecasting methodologies.

  • Promotional Mgmt

    You know you waste half your promotional budget.  We tell you which half.  Understand and interpret the real impact trade promotions have on your sales.  Make more money with the right promotion at the right time.

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thinkSCM Prescriptive Demand

A better Forecast means a better Supply Chain

Leveraging Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Real Time Data, thinkSCM’s Prescriptive Demand creates sales forecasts that not only improve forecast accuracy, but also demand visibility and forecast detail in ways a human can understand.

This Translates Into Both Improved Service Levels And Inventory Efficiency, Driving Down Costs And Creating A Better Plan.  Plus thinkSCM makes you seem like the genius we always knew you were.


 Forecast Accuracy

Get the Forecast right and lots of good things start to happen in your supply chain.  thinkSCM Prescriptive Demand can improve your forecast accuracy based on real data and real analytics – no more guesswork!

Customer Service

The right product at the right location at the right time – easy to say, but difficult to do.  An accurate forecast makes that task a whole lot easier – let thinkSCM Prescriptive Demand help you get the right answers to that elusive question.


Inventory Levels

Poor Forecast Accuracy is one of the biggest drivers of excess inventory levels in your distribution network.  Drive down inventory costs by increasing your forecast accuracy with thinkSCM Prescriptive Demand.

Supply Chain Chaos

There’s no need for heroes to save the day when you have a well built supply plan based on an accurate forecast.   Spend more time focused on executing the supply plan and less time second guessing demand with thinkSCM Prescriptive Demand.

Industry Focus

Consumer Products

With highly educated, digital savvy customers leading the way, CPG companies must quickly adapt to market trends and shifts to stay in front of the competition.   thinkSCM Prescriptive Analytics can provide supply chain answers to keep you out in front.

Life Sciences

Patent expiration, the Affordable Care Act and the FDA are only a few of the many worries of Life Science companies.   Interpret, understand and automate these decisions with thinkSCM Prescriptive Analytics.

Food and Beverage

Customers won’t wait for tomorrow to eat, so having the right product at the right place at the right time is critical for sales – doing it profitably is the hard part.   thinkSCM helps you make the decisions that keep the shelves full- and fresh.

Cloud Based and Available Anywhere

Your business doesn’t stop because you’re taking an Uber, and neither do you.  The thinkSCM platform supports all modern web technologies to keep you connected and in control.

Real Time Updates: Analyze and understand the sales impact of running a customer promotion in real time (while you’re onsite)

Intuitive Interface:  Quickly get the answer you need at the level you need it

Business Analytics:  Measure and analyze your business performance to see where the opportunities and risks lie

Machine Learning

What if you could use all the data from your supply chain to make better decisions automagically?  That’s the power that machine learning with thinkSCM brings to your Supply Chain.

Cloud Based

Increase productivity and decrease cost by utilizing the cloud for your supply chain Predictive Analytics platform.  Leverage big data from thinkSCM to get answers that were never before possible.

Full Integration

Getting Data in and out of thinkSCM is a breeze.  Pre-built interfaces to your back end ERP systems makes getting up and running on the platform quick and easy.

Powerful Analytics

Get business insights in seconds with thinkSCM Analytics.  Find the answers quickly and accurately at the level you need them,  driving productivity and efficiency.

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